Intelligent Portable Neck Massager with Heat & Remote Control

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  • AS COMFORTABLE AS A HOT TOWEL: Neck Massager with built-in thermostat, 107 Fahrenheit degrees warmly penetrates the neck and skin, and deeply relaxes the neck muscles. Use for 15 minutes each use. Use up to twice a day. Relieves neck pain throughout the day.


  • CERVICAL SPINE MASSAGE EFFECT IS REMARKABLE: Neck Massager emits electrical impulses transmitted deeply into skin, and also uses  variety of massages electrical impulses simulation to achieve deep relaxation of the cervical spine.


  • 3 MODES, 15 LEVELS OF INTENSITY TO RELIEVE NECK PAIN: Press and hold the switch button for 3 seconds to start, this product has 3 massage modes, up to level 15 intensity, and heat function adjustments on the remote control, making it very easy to operate. The skin-friendly, breathable soft silicone material makes the carotid artery pressure-free. U-shaped neck wraps closer to the skin, making it a comfortable fit for almost all neck sizes and neck curves.


  • LIGHT AND THIN TO WEAR COMFORTABLY: Say goodbye to the bulky neck massager, weighs only 5.6 ounce, and has a large-capacity battery. It is compatible with USB charging for 1 hour, used for 15 minutes per day, which can work for up to 10 days. The neck massager is equipped with a 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you have a safe massage experience.


  • SAFE TO USE: This neck massager uses electrical impulses therapy. DO NOT USE when implantation of pacemakers or carrying metal in the body is prohibited (CONSULT A DOCTOR BEFORE USE). Due to the use of electrical impulses therapy, when you use it, you may feel a small electric jolt, which is normal. It can relax muscles deeper than traditional massage. IF YOUR NECK IS DRY, before use, please wipe the neck with a wet towel lightly for a greater use experience.  

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